Long Term Care Planning

Long-Term Care Planning

  Far too many clients ask for help only after they were faced with the prospect of needing long-term care. Although each person's situation is unique, they share two things in common: First, all are successful financially and second, everyone who develops dementia or a chronic illness is absolutely convinced - beyond any doubt - that it would never happen to him or her.

Unfortunately, these individuals never realized that providing care would quickly become all-consuming to those they loved; that in effect, providing care to them would also make those they loved sick.  As well, no one understood that there were financial consequences: Paying for care placed their families in a precarious financial condition.

The only way to prevent this happening to your family is to create a plan, the goal of which is to keep you safe at home, while preserving the emotional, physical and financial well-being of those you love.

I want to extend an offer to meet with you to discuss how severe the consequences providing care would have on those you love if you ever need care.  Put together a plan that mitigates those consequences.

The landscape for protecting yourself in the instance of a long-term care need is constantly changing as insurance companies consider their role.   If you are already sure you want long term care insurance, request a no obligation quote from the tab at the top.  I'll look at a variety of carriers, as well as other solutions to find a program for you.

Jim Deligianis