Needs Assessment Checklist

Needs Assessment Checklist

Your thoughtful review of the items below will help you determine if you need to initiate an in-depth review of your financial affairs.

Answer "yes" to any of these questions and a review may be needed.  

Answer "yes" to several of these questions and you may need to take action immediately.


Changes in Your Family                                                                   Yes            No

Has a member of the family become 

married, divorced, separated or is seriously

contemplating such action?                                         ____       ____

Is a child or grandchild expected or

has been born, adopted or acquired

by marriage recently?                                                ____        ____

Has a parent, child or grandchild passed

away or become terminally ill recently?                       ____       ____


Health Changes                                                                                Yes           No

Has your health or that of your spouse

changed sufficiently enough to affect

your planning, lifestyle or attitudes?                             ____       ____

Lifestyle Changes                                                                            Yes           No

Would you like to understand what

financial impact retirement will have                            
  ____       ____     

on you?                                                                                                               

Do you expect to change your

residence due to transfer, retirement

or a personal relocation?                                             ____       ____

Do you plan to travel extensively during

the next year?                                                            ____       ____

Are you considering changing your plans

for retirement?                                                            ____       ____


Life Insurance                                                                                  Yes              No

Do you have questions about whether or

not you should add or reduce your life

insurance?                                                                   ____       ____

Do you have questions about the type of

life insurance you should have?                                      ____       ____

Are the beneficiary arrangements for your

life insurance correct and tax efficient?                           ____       ____


Other Insurance                                                                                   Yes           No

Would you like to understand long-term

care insurance for yourselves and/or your

parents including the costs and options

available to you?                                                          ____       ____

Is your disability income insurance coverage

adequate?                                                                   ____       ____

Investment Portfolio                                                                             Yes           No

Do you know if your portfolio is appropriate?                     ____       ____

Are you satisfied with the investment

returns you have been getting?                                       ____       ____

Have you realized significant capital

gains/losses for this year?                                              ____       ____

Do you have more than 20% ownership 

in one investment (mutual fund, stock

options, partnership, business, etc.)?                              ____       ____

Would you like to consider alternatives for 

investment of your liquid assets (i.e,

Money Market, T-bills)?                                                 ____       ____

Are you interested in becoming informed

about 529 College Plans for your children

or grandchildren?                                                           ____       ____

Are you interested in learning about tax

efficient investing?                                                          ____       ____


Changes in Assets                                                                           Yes            No

Has the value of some of your assets

changed significantly in the last year?                           ____       ____

Have you or are you considering acquiring

or disposing of real estate holdings?                             ____       ____


Have you received or do you expect to receive

an inheritance in the near future?                                  ____       ____


Do you anticipate receipt of a substantial

bonus or other employee benefits?                               ____       ____


Employer Plans                                                                                    Yes          No

Have you increased or decreased your

percentage of contributions to your

retirement plan or do you wonder if you

should?                                                                        ____       ____

Have you exercised stock options or made

thrift plan withdrawals?                                                 ____        ____

Have you received or do you expect to

receive a lump sum distribution from a

401(k) or pension plan because of a

buy-out, retirement or layoff?                                         ____       ____

Do you know how to select the investment

choices available to you in your employer

provided retirement plan?                                              ____       ____


Business Interests                                                                              Yes         No

Do you own a business?                                             ____       ____

Do you have a succession in place if you

retire, become incapacitate or die?                              ____       ____

Have you or do you expect to sell or acquire

a business?                                                                ____       ____

Do you need to establish a retirement plan

for your business?                                                       ____       ____

Do you need a review of your executive 

benefits?                                                                    ____       ____

Do you need to review your benefit plans 

including your retirement plan?                                     ____       ____